Now Floats

Skin in the game with innovations for dermatology

Founded in 2012 by Venkateswarlu (Venkat) Nelabhotla and Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta, Vyome Therapeutics is a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company, developing a pipeline of novel drugs for treatment of drug-resistant skin pathogens. Vyome is a differentiated U.S.-India cross-border play addressing a large unmet need with innovative products that can leapfrog the competition.

Vyome’s lead drug molecule, VB 1953, is entering advanced stage clinical trials in the U.S. VB 1953 is a topical treatment for antibiotic-resistant acne, which is currently an unmet need, with a potential $2 billion market opportunity in the U.S. alone. Vyome has assembled a world-class team of scientific and business development experts who have a track record of conducting scientific research, developing breakthrough products and building sustainable businesses. Vyome’s management team has successfully launched over 50 products in dermatology and other areas, and scaled large companies.

Vyome has leveraged a combination of high-end computational biology, genomic analysis and proprietary chemistry to build a robust pipeline of patent-protected products targeting multiple dermatology indications. Some of these products are unique in their ability to overcome antimicrobial resistance. Vyome has also developed clinically validated anti-fungal products and has recently signed an out-licensing deal of marketing rights with a large specialty pharma company.