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Ram Sahasranamam

Ram Sahasranam

Entrepreneur in Residence

Ram is a serial entrepreneur and an active investor who takes pleasure in curating companies that solve the larger problems facing humanity; with a partial bias for digital health.

Ram was the co-founder and President of Praxify Technologies, a company focused on bringing clinical insights at the point of care for doctors by overlaying into existing electronic medical record systems. Praxify was eventually acquired by Athenahealth (America’s leading EHR platform) in June 2017. He led the mobile strategy efforts at Athenahealth and during his tenure curated America’s most lovable mobile EHR platform with insights into patient care across different care settings. Prior to founding Praxify, Ram was involved in bringing the TED conference to India in 2009 and served as a senior ambassador to TEDx in the region till 2016. He is also a co-founder of INKTalks in association with TED, which is seen as the melting pot of innovation in Asia. He is passionate about racing and was the founder of Ashwa Racing during his college days which won 3 awards in its debut race. As an investor, Ram currently manages a strong portfolio in the Indo-US ecosystem and is the founder of an early stage healthcare focused micro fund, AbVaRa Capital. He also advises multiple government initiatives along with the Fxb centre at Harvard.

Ram earned a Bachelors in Engineering degree from Visvesvaraya Technology University.