Iron Pillar


Merzi Sodawaterwala

Venture Partner

Merzi is a visionary and entrepreneurial strategic thought leader with over 22 years of global expertise, a passion and commitment towards influencing and empowering innovation and sustainable development. He is the Founder and Chairman of the International Federation of Indo Israel Chambers of Commerce (IFIICC) headquartered in Dubai and having the maiden patronage of the President of Israel Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, Maestro Zubin Mehta, Ambassadors of UAE, Israel and India. IFIICC’s pivotal role in promoting innovation and multilateral business collaboration with the UAE, Israel and India Trilateral having a potential of USD 110 billion received the endorsement of eminent personalities including Sir Ratan Tata, several government and business dignitaries and also ESCP Paris, the world’s first business school. The maiden pact of Ecoppia’s multilateral collaboration with the UAE, Israel and India trilateral spearheaded by IFIICC is the only success story also quoted for the proposed Quad between US, UAE, Israel and India. Merzi is also the Founder and Chairman of the World Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF), headquartered in Dubai empowering sustainable strategic business partnerships and enjoying the patronage of Ambassadors of 13 leading sustainability nations in UAE including the Nordic countries – Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden known to be the most sustainable nations of the world.

During his entrepreneurial career spanning 12 years prior to founding IFIICC and WSBF, Merzi initiated and supported many innovative ventures with notable achievements including his boutique investment bank MX Capital focusing on private equity, strategic advisory and impact investments which won several Acquisition International awards, a global sustainability venture into climate change and recycling in a circular economy co-founded by Merzi with the past 3 Presidents from London, Sweden and France of the Bureau of International Recycling a non-profit headquartered in Brussels since 70 years for which he was awarded the Environment Leader of the Year excellence award. Prior to his entrepreneurial dive, Merzi represented leading investment banks in India like ENAM as a Senior Vice President and Edelweiss as a Vice President and also worked with fortune multinationals like 3M and Citibank during the first 10 years of his professional career.

Merzi is committed to empowering youth, women and people of determination with special needs for a sustainable future. Merzi earned an EMBA from S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research and a Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University in addition to acquiring several certifications to meet global industry requirements during his career.