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Abhijit Gupta

Abhijit Gupta

Entrepreneur in Residence

Abhijit Gupta is serial entrepreneur and an early stage investor.

He previously founded Praxify, that was eventually acquired by Athenahealth (America’s leading EHR program) in June 2017 where he launched and headed the company’s mobility efforts and created America’s most lovable mobile EHR platform with a single pane view of patients across different care settings. Prior to Athenahealth and Praxify, Abhijit was part of the founding team of Azingo, which had created a mobile platform similar to Android, and was acquired by Motorola and eventually by Google. Abhijit currently manages an early-stage healthcare-focused micro fund, Abvara Capital.

He is also associated as an advisor to multiple government health initiatives along with the Harvard FXB group.

Abhijit earned a Bachelors in Engineering degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University.