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Iron Pillar joins the Draper Venture Network

This strategic partnership will bolster the fund’s global network for its growing portfolio

Mumbai—Iron Pillar, an India focused venture growth investor, is delighted to announce that it has joined the Draper Venture Network (“DVN”), a global alliance of 22 independent venture capital firms across 5 continents, with $1.6 billion in collective assets. Iron Pillar believes that global access and understanding are vital to the success of its portfolio companies and entrepreneurs, in today’s dynamic economic environment. DVN, through its member funds, corporate business development relationships and connections to the technology and investing ecosystem, will provide the Iron Pillar family with unparalleled cross-border access and reach.

“We are honoured and excited to become a member of this incredible collective, and are looking to leverage as well as contribute to DVN. This alliance will give our portfolio companies an opportunity to tap into best practices across hundreds of startups and dozens of markets around the world,” said Mohanjit Jolly, Partner. Iron Pillar’s portfolio, well balanced across enterprise and consumer technology companies, is thinking internationally from the get-go. DVN gives Iron Pillar’s portfolio a powerful global network to leverage, for business development, domain expertise, leadership sourcing, fundraising, partnerships as well as exit opportunities.

DVN member funds have funded over 600 companies and exited over 200 till date, including Skype, Baidu and Twitch. DVN principals have known Iron Pillar since its inception. “We are thrilled to bring in Iron Pillar as a member fund, another testament to our renewed commitment to India. We believe Iron Pillar’s venture growth strategy fits the needs of the maturing Indian venture market and look forward to working closely with the team and their portfolio companies going forward,” said Tim Draper, Founder of DVN.

About DVN

Draper Venture Network (“DVN”) is an alliance of independent venture capital funds located in tech hubs across the globe. This robust collective brings together experienced investors and innovative entrepreneurs from across sectors and continents to share intelligence, source opportunities, and create greater value through cooperation. DVN was formed in 1990 by renowned investor Tim Draper and has since grown into a self-governed organization with a Silicon Valley-based Operations team dedicated to serving member funds and their portfolio companies. All member funds raise their own capital and manage their investment decisions independently.

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About Iron Pillar

Iron Pillar

Iron Pillar is a venture growth investor specializing in mid stage technology companies “Built from India”. Founded in January 2016, Iron Pillar provides growth capital and active help in global business expansion to companies in the enterprise and consumer technology sectors. The Fund backs founding teams who want to create $1B+ enterprise value companies that are built to last. Additional information on Iron Pillar is available at