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The Big Picture – In Conversation with Talal Shamoon – CEO of Intertrust

In this episode of “The Big Picture” series, I had an enlightening and free-flowing conversation with Talal Shamoon, member of the Iron Pillar Network and CEO of Intertrust. The topic was IP strategy (a domain where Talal is a prolific expert), especially for startups going global.

Top IP secrets at startups are only a whisker away from being leaked, especially with attrition of senior technology team members. Most startups looking to go global from India do not have a clear cut patent or IP strategy. Net outcome – copy cats or large incumbents that can leave innovators bleeding. Tune into this quick conversation for compelling reasons why entrepreneurs need a robust IP strategy from inception. I will be sharing a deeper discussion on this with Talal later this week. Stay tuned to the Big Picture from Iron Pillar:)

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