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The Big Picture – In Conversation with Simha Sadasiva – Founder of Ushur – Part 2

Delighted to present Part 2 of the “Big Picture” conversation with Simha Sadasiva, co-founder and CEO of Ushur.

In this episode, Simha candidly talks about:

– Frugality during the Product-Market phase of a startup’s journey (1:15)
– Role of serendipity. How simply sitting next to an Unum executive on a flight led to the first big customer relationship (1:45)
– The backstory of the Ushur name and the company’s value proposition (4:25)
– Managing global teams (6:45)
– Why he convinced his Board to have Iron Pillar on the cap table (12:00). This bit yours truly is really proud of:)
– His passions outside of Ushur (distance running and classical Indian music:)). And the importance, as an entrepreneur, of being physically and mentally fit (13:24)

It was a pleasure spending time with Simha and thankful for his actionable nuggets of wisdom. The entire Iron Pillar team looks forward to a phenomenal journey together! Upward and onward!

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