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The Big Picture – In Conversation with Iron Pillar Network Member – Vijay Sundaram

In this issue of Iron Pillar’s Big Picture conversation, I had the pleasure of an incredible dialog with a dear friend, an incredible technologist, entrepreneur, member of the Iron Pillar Network and now the Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho, Vijay Sundaram. As always, Vijay was articulate, charismatic and had nuggets of brilliance to share:

– Belief and persistence go hand in hand as an entrepreneur. I loved the quote “rarity of the talent is not in the skill but in the persistence”
– Unconventionality. In Zoho’s case, everything from their location to hiring to appraisal process, product management and working with customers is truly unconventional
– Build something that people truly want, especially on the world stage, and keep iterating

And when asked about why he continues to help others, especially Indian entrepreneurs, he emotionally responded with a three-pronged answer — “a sense of purpose”, “building something sustainable” and being involved with “amazing people”.

It was an absolute delight to have this free-flowing conversation with Vijay. The Iron Pillar team is humbled and honored to have someone of his caliber as part of the extended Iron Pillar family. Thank you!

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