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The Big Picture – In Conversation with Iron Pillar Network Member – Sandeep Johri – Part 1

In this instalment of Iron Pillar’s “The Big Picture” set of conversations, I spoke with Sandeep Johri, a successful serial entrepreneur, technology executive and now CEO of Tricentis, a leading automated software testing startup.

In Part I of my two-part conversation with Sandeep, he talks about his remarkable journey from India to the US and eventually to Silicon Valley and his poignant, candid advice for entrepreneurs, especially those building product centric companies from India. Some key takeaways:

– Leadership matters, global leadership matters especially for enterprise software companies
– Companies coming out of India have been able to successfully create a global presence
– Focus – do one thing better than anyone else and dominate
– Be the big fish in a smaller pond rather than a tiny fish in an ocean
– Entrepreneurs have to walk a fine line between being rational and irrational

Sandeep is a prolific angel, and is bullish on Indian cloud/software companies delivering world class products

It’s an honor to have Sandeep as a dear friend and part of the Iron Pillar Network). Thank you Sandeep!

Part II of the conversation will arrive soon:)

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