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The Big Picture – In Conversation with Iron Pillar Network Member – Lars Nilsson

Thrilled to bring you another edition of “The Big Picture” conversation with Lars Nilsson, a dear friend, a phenomenal technology executive and esteemed member of the Iron Pillar Network.

What an awesome discussion about several key topics: His journey quite literally from selling copiers and fax machines for Xerox to building phenomenal demand generation engines and inside sales teams at Portal Software, ArcSightClouderaRiverbed Technology and now overseeing a team of 143 people at Snowflake; Understanding the difference between prospecting and funnel creation versus negotiating and closing; personas of individuals involved in the “inside sales” role; value of revenue predictability; timing of building the inside sales organization; when to hire a VP of Sales; making mistakes and the power of mentorship. Absolutely loved it!

I am sure you will enjoy the conversation as well! 🙂

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Mohanjit Jolly

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