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The Big Picture – In Conversation with Iron Pillar Network Member – Dan Decasper

As part of Iron Pillar’s “The Big Picture” set of conversations, I had the chance to speak with my good friend, and member of the Iron Pillar Network, Dan Decasper, GM at Pure Storage.

He discusses his remarkable journey from his Ph.D. in Switzerland to serial entrepreneurship in the US to being an early member of the team at Pure.

His advice for entrepreneurs is spot on:

1. Focus on the team and a large addressable market
2. Keep in mind the time to market, so, especially in domains such as networking, infrastructure, databases etc, think about the market not as it is today, but as it will be, as and when the product is robust.
3. Be flexible. He spoke from experience where his first company, Jibe Networks (where yours truly happened to be an investor) had to pivot a couple of times

It’s an honor to have Dan be part of IPN. Thank you Dan!

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