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The Big Picture – In conversation with CureFoods CEO – Ankit Nagori

7 hours of sleep, 10 minutes of meditation and 45 minutes of workout — that particular statement really struck a chord with me in another fantastic Big Picture conversation with Ankit Nagori, early employee and former Chief Business Officer at @flipkart, co-founder of @cultfit and now Founder/CEO of @curefoods, a star company in the Iron Pillar portfolio. 

Besides creating a work-life balance, Ankit talks about the lessons learned through his Flipkart and Cultfit journeys — his philosophy of “hard work” and simply putting in the long hours; culture of “customer first”; and enjoying the often long journey of a startup through its ups and downs.

Curefoods is off to the races and the Iron Pillar team could not be more proud! Upward and onward!

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Mohanjit Jolly

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