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The Big Picture – A conversation with Skill Lync Founder – SuryaNarayanan

In this version of The Big Picture, it was nothing short of delightful and inspirational to speak with SuryaNarayanan PaneerSelvam , co-founder and CEO of Skill-Lync, an absolute rocket ship within the Iron Pillar portfolio. It was a heartfelt conversation about the “Aha moment” for the founders, the 2020 tailwind, what defines a “good business”, the proverbial “pivot”, and his massive vision for the company generating $1B in revenue, not just in valuation :). This is a must listen/watch for all budding entrepreneurs!

Surya and Skill-Lync epitomize the aspirations that Indian entrepreneurs now have, building world class products for global markets. We at Iron Pillar are humbled to be part of this amazing journey.

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Mohanjit Jolly

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