Harish Hulyalkar
Harish Hulyalkar

It’s mediocrity that seeks entitlement

Harish believes in the persevered road. For him, there is no short cut, which he believes short changes trust. It is this dedicated work ethic that underpins the Iron Pillar team and value system. Harish has 20 years of advisory, corporate finance and tax experience. The analytical ability and attention to detail honed over the years is today helping Iron Pillar’s founders negotiate corners and solve tough problems.

Harish’s foundational years were spent in tax consulting at Arthur Andersen, where he advised multinational and VC firms, on structuring investments in the technology sector in India. He joined Salomon Smith Barney’s founding team in India in 2002 and spent the next 14 years at Citi in Mumbai and New York. Early on, he helped build and manage Citi’s offshore analytics unit.

In New York, he was a technology investment banker, where he participated in many cross border M&A and capital market transactions, mostly relating to the Indian market. Upon returning to Mumbai, Harish became a senior M&A banker where he led many market shaping deals.


MBA, Indian School of Business

Chartered Accountant

Bachelor of Commerce, Sydenham College