Ashok Ananthakrishnan
Ashok Ananthakrishnan

The journey gets shorter with the right companions

Ashok embraces uncertainty as a part of the entrepreneurial journey and recognises it well. Having been an entrepreneur himself, at Vertebrand, a business and brand consulting firm, and Taxiguide, an online car rental booking service that covered 75 cities, Ashok is settled onto his third venture, Iron Pillar, with a mission. Scouting for visionary entrepreneurs.

Extremely amiable, Ashok looks at the market opportunities and execution from a founder’s perspective, helped along by 20 years of operating experience across start up and corporate environments.

In addition to his business building skills, Ashok has had two business development stints, at ICICI Bank and DBS Bank, where he scaled lending businesses from scratch.



PGDBA Finance, ICFAI Business School